Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Beautiful & Damned

Hat: Urban Outfitters
Locket: great-grandma Stella's
Cardigan: Gap
Tank: Tulle
Skirt: Shade
Heels: thrifted Seychelles
Once again, I was left behind. Darn rapture. I never get picked. Reminds me of fifth grade kickball. At least I have my white hat on! To cheer myself up from this exhausting week, I've been reading Three Wolf t-shirt reviews. If you have five minutes and need a laugh, that's where you'll find it!

Other notes:
* I miss Steve Carell.
* I bought The Beautiful and Damned (used for $2) because Blake Lively mentioned it on Monday's "Gossip Girl." I don't like the show anymore, but I am in ashamed awe of Blake Lively: beautiful figure, flowing flaxen hair, charming personality, and awesome schnoz.
* Thank you for your sweetness in regards to my mumsy's health! I appreciate you so much! Her muscle pain is still pretty bad, but she comes home today!

Hope your weekend is lovely!

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