Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Fail

Apron dress: thrifted
Hat: Forever 21
T-shirt: Gap
Booties: Seychelles 'Dorothy'
I had plans for this Cinco de Mayo, lemme tell you. I was going to wear my Mexican dress, make enchiladas and chile rellenos for dinner, and blast my dad's favorite Mexican radio station all day. Well, I forgot all about it until after my outfits pics were taken and the pot roast was simmering. I'll make up for it next year by including a pinata in the celebration. A Summer Wheatley pinata.

I pulled out my summer clothes and I was happy to rediscover my linen apron dress! I missed it. It's wrinkled from it's winter vacation in the attic, but the iron and I aren't very good friends. We're gonna have to make-up soon.

I hope you're having a fantastic Thursday!
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