Friday, May 27, 2011

Woe is Me

Wreath: DIY
Dress: Forever 21
Trench: thrifted
Socks: c/o We Love Colors
Shoes: BC Footwear
I am so incredibly nervous to take my driver's test tomorrow! I can't believe I let it expire... but somehow I feel like I'm being punished for driving well and not purchasing alcohol. To top it off, I have to drive a half-hour to borrow my mom's car, then drive to take the test, and then come back and trade off! The speedometer on my car doesn't work, so I use my GPS; you're not allowed to have one on in the car during the drive test. I'm sure there are exceptions, but DMV workers are evil aliens.

On to brighter and happier things! We've been busy tying up loose ends around here before out big trip. I will be blogging as my adventure unfolds, and you'll be seeing creative remixing and fun different locations. Don't reject me!

I haven't even gotten around to reading your comments from the past few days-- will do so soon! I'll feel so much better after this test is over and done with... thanks for bearing with me! A happy-go-lucky post is in order this weekend!

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