Sunday, June 5, 2011

Land of the Cardinal

Floral shorts, top: Gap
Cami: Shade
Sandals: Swedish Hasbeens
(Okay, they're not really Swedish Hasbeens, but they are made in Sweden...
and I just wanted to feel cool for a bit. In truth, the brand is MIA and I got 'em for $20.)
I've seen four cardinals since arriving in Akron, Ohio! And two toads! And loads of neon swishy shorts! It's hot and humid here, but I'm just glad to be here safely. Thank you for all your kind travel wishes!

I've decided to let my freak flag fly. That's right, I am talking about my hair. I was about to turn on my flat iron when I looked in the mirror and had a little thought. Who says that silky and shiny is the only way to have pretty hair? This is me owning my unruly, frizzy, silly tresses. Come to think about it, my hairs are a lot like me. Of course I will still use my beloved flat iron, but once in a while you'll see my 'honest' hair.

On Tuesday we head up to Michigan to visit my dear old friends. It's been too long. I also get to meet/hug/attack Suze from Miss Vinyl Ahoy! She is one of my first blogger friends, and I am honored to get to spend some time with that redheaded minx.

Until tomorrow,

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