Saturday, November 9, 2013

downtown abbey

Fall in Mount Angel demands frequent walk to the Abbey.  The air on the hill is chillier, the view overlooking the valley is spectacular, and it never hurts to expose my children to the beauty and solitude of monastic life. 
Coat: J. Crew via Salvation Army
Scarf: Gap
Burgundy ponte leggings: Target
 Shirt dress thing: ASOS
Shoes: Seychelles
Ever since I joined the Abbey's Renaissance choir, I've spent a lot more time here and have been able to further appreciate the fact that I live so close to this wonderful place.  Sometimes I steal some time away to read in the graveyard or sip tea in the newly refurbished bookstore.  Then once I get all that twee out of the way, I don't clean my nasty kitchen while reading crappy dystopian teen novels on the toilet.

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