Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Forgive me NARS, for I have sinned

Apologies for my temporary blasphemy, Dad, but it was just too perfect.  A few months ago, I wrote a somewhat unfavorable review about NARS' blush in Sin.  I will never write a first-impressions review again!  I don't see the point; how can I judge something without fully getting to know it first?  I need to test it out, play with it, explore our relationship, nurture it, perhaps spoon a little bit...  After really putting it to the test, I love this blush now.  Since NARS blushes have a stiff-like (not to be confused with dry) quality, a dense blush brush is needed.  I stopped using the soft and wonderful Real Techniques Blush Brush and switched to the Ecotools line.  The brush is still easy on the face, but it picks up more product while effectively blending out the edges.  The Real Techniques brush is still my standby for buttery products like MAC's Pro Longwear blush.  I am slowly realizing that my makeup is only as good as my tools.  It makes such a difference!
 NARS Sin is a perfect blend of pink and purple on my fair winter skin.  I usually pair it with violety lips products like Revlon Colorburst 'Lilac' or MAC Rebel, but it also looks fresh with brownies a la MAC Twig.  A surprisingly versatile plum blush!  I give you my blessing to purchase it, because that was the only thing holding you back.

Thank you for reading!
I wonder what my penance will be...

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