Friday, February 28, 2014

Teacher's Pet

Sweater, leggings: Mossimo by Target
Necklace: ShopLately
Boots: Bronx 
Eyeshadow: Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box (discontinued)
Foundation: Revlon Whipped 'Nude'
Blush: MAC 'Dame'
Lipstick: Laura Geller 'Berry Vanilla'
This is my typical work outfit: pajamas masquerading as clothes.  I can go from teaching class and serving snacks to chucking dodgeballs at kids' heads with ease.  This sweater is the best Target purchase I have ever made.  The quality is shockingly great, the tapestry pattern looks like luxury, and it fits wonderfully.  I wish it was still in stock (and still $9!) so that I could purchase old lady backups.

All right, off to work.  I'm a youth minister for 5-8 graders at a Catholic Church.  It's like being half teacher, half friend.  An odd combination, but I think I've mastered it thanks to many rookie mistakes.  I love my kids.  Here are a few of them unsuccessfully plotting to scare me when I enter the building:
This "doll" mysteriously appeared in the church nursery.  The moment was so earth-shattering, I Instagrammed it.  Nobody knows where it came from.  The fact that the nursery hasn't been used in months adds to the enigma.  We call it Yak Baby.  If you misbehave, you must hold him quietly on your lap for five minutes.  I should probably get a teaching license.
He's always watching.

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