Friday, February 21, 2014

Winter Peach

I came to a bitter conclusion last night.  I have too much stuff.  Lipsticks, lotions, shoes, blushes, lip butters, lip balms, dresses, tights, eyeshadow, lip stains, and mascaras are taking over my life.  (I obviously love lip products. I love my lips.)  While cleaning and organizing my little bedroom last night, I felt suffocated, rather than happy, by my pretty things.  It got me thinking... what's the point in having beautiful things if they don't bring a heartfelt peace or joy?  Lent is in a couple weeks.  I planned to give up purchasing makeup and clothing, but I am going to start now.  Whew, it kind of hurt to type that... which means that this is definitely good for my broken materialistic soul.  It's time for me to love and appreciate what I already have.  $*#%. Seriously, $*#%.

Here's my face today.  It was the first sunny day in what feels like months, so of course I had to wear peach on my eyes, cheeks, and lips.
Foundation: Clinique Super-Balanced in Alabaster.  I do not recommend this at all- it doesn't dry down and melts off my face throughout the day.

Concealer: Maybelline Fit Me Concealer.  This is one of my favorites! The texture is incredibly smooth.

Eyes: Inglot 407, Urban Decay Buck, Too Faced Piano Keys.  Inglot 407 is a must-have!  It's quite similar to Makeup Geek Cosmopolitan and MAC Expensive Pink.  This duochrome peachy-pink beauty is in my top ten of eyeshadows, for sure.

Mascara: Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara.  I like every Clinique mascara I've ever tried.  

Bronzer: Too Faced Chocolate Soleil, my favorite matte bronzer. (Yup, it smells like chocolate.)

Blush:  MAC Margin.  This shimmery trinity of bronze, peach, and dirty rose is steadily moving up the ranks in my blush drawer.  Gorgeous.

Lipstick: Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait.  This is a great way to compliment peachy looks without doing peach.  The gold shimmer makes your lips look big and healthy.

And because you've always wanted to look inside my nose:
Until tomorrow, reader. <3>

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