Monday, February 24, 2014

Zippers, Stripes, and Sequins

Jacket, top: H&M
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: BC Footwear
Glasses: Firmoo
Lately, I've been forgoing the dresses in favor of jeans.  These jeans, specifically.  Ah, the zippers!  There's something about the combination of the striped jacket and the sequined Peter Pan collar that makes me happy.  It's very me: classic with a little modernity.  I liked this outfit so much that I wore it two days in a row.  We went shopping in Portland on Saturday... stop freaking out!  Our destinations included Trader Joe's, the brewing store for Darin, and Greek food.  No makeup or clothing, I swear.  Sheesh.  (And hey, free samples of Chanel perfume don't count.)
I love Portland, but I love coming home to this view even more.

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