Saturday, May 17, 2014

Kitchen Remodel: The Awful 'Before'

Back in November, I wrote a letter to the woman we've rented from for almost four years.  I expressed how much we loved living in this little house, and asked if she would be willing to sell it to us.  She immediately agreed, and after many handwritten letters later, we came to an agreement that suited both parties.  As of Wednesday, the house is officially ours!  Well, actually the bank's, but whatever... 
It feels so good to finally own the house.  Our new Ikea Lidingo kitchen is patiently waiting in the garage, paint swatches adorn the walls, and popcorn ceiling is slowly being chipped away.  We love the location, but the house itself is outdated and occasionally gross.  Our first project is the kitchen and dining room.  I decided to take the 'before' pictures without cleaning first, in the interest of keeping it real and being lazy.  
Now that you have an idea of the layout, enjoy some paint swatches!  Darin and I wanted to go for a fresh green... a calm, yet energizing green... a perfect green... a nonexistent green.
Colors from top left clockwise: Valspar Prairie Willow, Leaf Bud, Fiddlehead Fern, (the bright color that we used in our former home- used for reference only!) Leaf Bud again, (left center) Paris Mint, (right center) Limeade, (bottom left) Green Tea Latte.  Since the walls are covered in yellowy primer and textured in cellulite, no color looks great.  Also, this space gets so much varying light that it was hard to decide!  We almost got more samples, until I started washing dishes in front of our favorites, Valspar Leaf Bud and Valspar Green Tea Latte.  
(I can't WAIT to destroy the old and stained tile. Rest assured, I bleach it frequently.)
 The first photo is with no flash, and the second is with flash.  None of these photos are accurate.  From real life to my camera to your computer screen, the true color gets lost in translation. Green Tea Latte (on the right) is this gorgeous creamy greyed green with a touch of mint.  It reminds me of my favorite green nail polish, Julep's Susie.  It pulls very neutral in some lights, and quite fresh yet not overwhelming in direct light. It is a truly unique color.  I think it will look lovely with the white cabinetry, shiitake colored counters, and touches of teal and red and yellow throughout the room.  (What can I say, we love color!)

I still can't believe that I will have a dishwasher and garbage disposal soon.  After not having them for four years, they seem like unattainable luxuries.  My in-laws are spending all of June here to help us remodel.

Please flood the comments with questions and/or comments.
I need all the help I can get. 
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